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The Business Casual Look for Men

The Business Casual Look for Men

The Business Casual Look for Men

Most men misunderstand business casual as casual. It doesn’t mean to dress completely differently or casually but to dress down your business formals. It still means no t-shirts, no jeans, no sneaker but shirts, pants and shoes.

Essentials of Business Casuals

  1. Shirts: You cannot go to office in a t-shirt. T-shirts give out sloppy look to your entire frame. While a crisp shirt that’s perfectly tucked in does the trick. Even though rolled up sleeves look hot, they aren’t a part of business casuals.
  2. Pants: Jeans again gives out a clumsy look. They aren’t a part of the office attire. Pants that give contrast to your shirt while still don’t pop-up are what you are supposed to wear instead of jeans that give contrast to itself.
  3. Shoes: Wearing shoes that are shiny are the most important part of the dress up. Not just that, the color of your shoes should match the color of your belt. Socks that match your pant or shoes are preferred over the polka-dotted ones.
  4. Suits: In Business casuals, these are not essential. The come more into the category of business formals. However, you could still wear a suit with no cuffs or with a checkered design. This adds looks to your casuals and makes you more presentable.
  5. Jackets: Jackets do the trick of suits. Jackets here does not mean any type of leather, or jean or denim made jackets. A business jacket does the trick of a coat while still giving you more freedom. It doesn’t lock your arms or shoulders and allow free movement, unlike a coat, while still giving you a business look.
  6. Sweater or Cardigans: In places with lower temperatures and high humidity, wearing a coat could either give you a fever or makes you sweat a lot. Not being physically presentable is also not preferred. You could wear a wool woven single coloured sweater instead. Just keep in mind the color suits the business colors of blue-brown and is not red.
  7. Ties: Ties or neckwear are also not an important part of business casual wear. However, they add to your overall stature. Neckwear give something like an boundary or end to your torso, while an open ended shirt seems boundless.

Extra Tip

If you ever plan on wearing a business casual then,

  1. Make sure your shoes and belt are of the same color.
  2. There are no creases when you tuck in your shirt.
  3. Try learning the military tuck.
  4. Ties never hanging out of the bottom of your coat or far below your belt.
  5. Don’t roll your sleeves